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Automatically Managed Inventory

With Shoppe Sync you can connect your external website to Shoppe and automatically add your products. Shoppe will update, create, and remove products as they appear on your website, along with keep your Facebook Groups or Pages in sync as well.

1. Add your website URL

Navigate to our help wizard located at https://www.shoppewith.me/intro/stepone. It will look like this:

Pick the provider that you use and then enter either your url to that website or your retailer ID.

That’s it! Shoppe will now start syncing your products and you should see them very soon in your account.

Note: You will not see your inventory immediately as your syncing will be queued in our system and run as soon as it can!

2. Check your items

After a bit your items will show up at on the Items page within Shoppe.

3. Managing your items

Head over to our article that covers how to manage your items once they’ve been added to Shoppe.

Updated on September 8, 2019

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