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Facebook Messenger Reminders

Shoppe can periodically send you content reminders through Facebook Messenger. These messages will be sent when you have content that needs created for that day according to your content plan. You will not receive messages on days where your plan does not have content scheduled.

We will also send you a weekly “Insights” message that give you a quick recap as to how your boutique performed through the groups & pages that you’ve connected to Shoppe.

An example of the prompt to finish content message and the insights message you will receive from Shoppe when your content plan is set.

To enable these messages:

  1. Open up your Shoppe dashboard
  2. Click the “Edit Plan” on the bottom-right of your calendar.
  3. Once the modal opens up, scroll to the “Accountability” section.
  4. Select the frequency of messages you’d like to receive.
  5. Then click the “Send to Messenger” button to connect Messenger to Shoppe in order to receive messages.
Updated on September 9, 2019

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