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Your Content Strategy

A thoughtfully created content strategy is critical for the success of your business because it attracts new customers to your brand. Without a well constructed strategy, you’ll never be able to remain consistent enough to reap the fruits of your labor. The key is a strategy that is ran by a sustainable workflow and consistent process.

That’s why we’ve integrated a content planning and scheduling engine into Shoppe that will give you the infrastructure to remain consistent.

Let’s get your strategy setup:

1. View your Content Calendar

Your content calendar shows an overview of the posts & sales you currently have running.

As you post on Facebook your calendar will update to show you an overview of your content, along with tracking analytics about your posts.

2. View and select from available plans

Click the “Edit Plan” button at the bottom left of the calendar to view your current plan, and search for more plans.

Your plan works by adding content agendas each day for the social medias you would like to post to. Then Shoppe will send you notifications to get your content setup in time to be posted.

Here is what it looks like:

When you first start out your plan will be empty, so you can either search and select from plans from other Shoppe sellers. Go ahead and add some content ideas to each day for you to post, or search from the available templates.

3. The KEY to Success

Here’s the deal… You can do all the content planning in the world and still not have success.

Content success comes to those who consistently stick to their plan and post everyday. But it can be super easier to fall off the wagon and stop posting when you don’t see the results.

The consistent marketer is the rich marketer.

Shoppe will do it’s best to keep you accountable to your plan, but ultimately, it’ll be up to you to be consistent.

Remember: We’re always here to help so please reach out if you need help with your content marketing!

Updated on September 8, 2019

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